URBiNAT Project, EU Horizon 2020 Program

Sofia is a leading city in the URBiNAT project, which aims to create Green Health Corridors as an engine for development in disadvantaged residential areas. The EU's Horizon 2020 program will support this with know-how and funding by 2023. Solutions inspired by nature will improve the quality of the social and ecological environment. The Sofia Green Corridor will be located in zone C1 of the Integrated Plan for Urban Renewal and Development, in the Nadezhda district. Research partner in this project is UACEG. Its elements will be selected, created and managed by the combined efforts of the local people, business and administration, supported by the scientific community. Priority for action and support by the project is innovation in the fields of: energy (natural sources of energy, energy efficiency, walking and cycling, green transport); water (thermo-mineral, water culture, use of surface water, irrigation of green areas); greenery / nature (quality and efficiency of landscaping, green roofs and walls for protection against noise, dust and overheating; public spaces); food / nature (aimed at children, experience in growing, preparing and consuming natural healthy food). See the video: URBINAT Project : Aims & Methodologies.