Analysis of the maximum capacity of residential areas

This macroanalysis examines and visualizes the effect that the full implementation of the Masterplan of Sofia Municipality would have on the number of residents in the municipality. It analyzes the housing capacity in existing dwellings according to the data from the Cadastral map and calculates the housing capacity of potential new dwellings in Sofia Municipality with full achievement of the accepted parameters in the Masterplan. The plan defines the maximum volume of Sofia, dependent on two completely different factors - demographic and economic. While demographic forecasts can be considered reliable in the long term, economic forecasts are produced only a few years in advance and inform the Masterplan of the city for decades. With this analysis we ask whether Sofia needs the opportunity to increase beyond the stipulations in the Masterplan. If the answer is affirmative, we must consider whether we can provide the necessary infrastructure (technical, transport, social, environmental, etc.) for such a population.