Com.Unity.Lab Sofia Project

Com.Unity.Lab is a network for the exchange of good practices in the field of sustainable urban development, in which the city of Lisbon shares the experience of implementing four instruments for influencing urban territories, employed in the The Lisbon Local Development Strategy for Priority Intervention areas. The aim of the strategy is to alleviate poverty and inequality in the city (social, economic and educational) through joint management between local authorities and local communities. Within the framework of the project, Sofia will draw up a map of priority intervention zones, after predefined indicators, as well as analyze spatial data on the environment and the socio-economic status of the population. Sofia Municipality has already initiated the process of forming stakeholder groups that will work with local communities on initiatives to develop the identified areas.

Eight European cities participate in the network: Lisbon, Bari, Aalborg, Sofia, Ostrava, Lublin, The Hague and Lille.

Com.Unity.Lab is funded by the European Union Interregional Cooperation Program Urbact III.