Current level of greening

We monitored the degree of fulfillment of the requirements for landscaping of development zones of the Urban Masterplan of Sofia Municipality. Given the limited time and large area (20 956 Ha), combined with a minimum area of ​​100 square meters, completeness of content and 15 vegetation types, the study is only accessible via sources of information and technology such as GIS.

We utilized the Sentinel-2A multispectral satellite images, freely available under the Copernicus European Earth Observation Program, in order to present the spatial distribution and functional classification of urban green spaces.Benefits: homogeneous result - same green classification throughout Sofia; inclusion in the green balance of Sofia of inter-block spaces, private yards, industrial land; monitoring of the 10-year implementation of the Masterplan - development indicator for landscaping; focusing administrative efforts in problematic areas. (see the map in full size)