Demographic estimate

In 2017, a set of differentiated framework demographic projections and projections for the development of functional systems of "labor" and "services" within the scope of Sofia Municipality and the municipalities from the Area of ​​Active Influence of Sofia were prоduced. They cover the period 2030 - 2040 – 2050 and are based on the analysis of statistical information from the National Statistics Institute and governmental information systems. Trends in the demographic and socio-economic development of Sofia Municipality and the municipalities within the Sofia Area of Active Influence from 2010 to 2016 are outlined, as well as the expected processes of demographic development by indicators of natural and mechanical growth. The forecasts come in three variants - high, realistic and low. Territorial levels: municipality; independent settlements in Sofia Municipality; administrative districts of Sofia Municipality. The age structures of the population are projected in order to define the size of the workforce, the number of users of budget social services (education, health care, social activities, culture, sports) and more.

Macroeconomic projections - GDP and GVA are at the level of Sofia Municipality. Estimates were also made of the expected economic output, as well as the number of persons employed by economic sectors ("Agrarian", "Industry" and "Services").