Analysis of functions

The economic situation, educational opportunities and professional development are all factors that determine the attractiveness of a city. The full variety of functions and their quality are also key to its vitality and modernity.

The survey is a detailed localization of the points of interest on the territory of Sofia Municipality. These are all services that are registered in the municipality, whether public, municipal or private.

The transition from functional zoning to point objects enables us to locate and visualize these objects (points of interest), as well as analyze their concentration by type and distinguish functional clusters of related services. Additionally, updating this type of information is easier and more dynamic than maintaining up-to-date functional zoning. In order to carry out this study, it is necessary to collect and process the available information on functions within the city.

The created database of functions offered in the city can be the basis for dynamic studies of the links between functions, demographics and mobility in the municipality. (see the map in full size)