Manastirski livadi - East

Manastirski livadi - East is a project initiated by a local committee of residents and prepared through the joint work of all stakeholders. Sofproect together with the Union of Urbanists in Bulgaria (UUB) developed an analysis and an action plan for the territory of Manastirski livadi - East, Triaditsa district. It includes activities for filling information deficits, developing targeted problem analysis and defining measures to achieve the objectives.

The neighborhood was viewed through the prism of Urban Standard - a holistic approach to urban planning, divided into five major thematic areas – Built Environment, Healthy Environment, Safe Environment, Living Environment and Characteristic Environment.

Several meetings were held with local residents, business and administration.

Various problems, conclusions and goals have been identified in the course of the work. The main goal is to find the right mechanism to deal with the various urbanisation problems, so that the same approach, already tested, can be applied in other problematic southern quarters of Sofia. (see the map in full size)