Map of kindergardens and nurseries

The map of kindergardens and nurseries on the territory of Sofia Municipality consolidates and updates already available information from various sources. The information on the objects from the Information System for Servicing the Kindergardens and Preparatory Groups in the Schools is supplemented, showing all kindergardens - municipal, state-owned and private. The information about the establishments is in accordance with the registers of the Ministry of Education and Science, Sofia City Region and the Information System. The advantage of the map is that the children's establishments are also presented with their buildings and plots, as well as with their identifiers for connection with the cadastral-administrative information system maintained by the Surveying, Mapping and Cadastre Agency.

The map is to be enriched with the possibility of visualization of the individual establishments, according to their management - municipal, private, state, as well as by type - kindergardens - with nurseries, logopedic groups or weekly independent nurseries and preparatory groups in schools. (see the map in full size)