Sofia plays strategy

A city suitable for children is a city suitable for all. The spatial focus in the creation of such an environment are the playgrounds. Currently, there are 1,770 in Sofia Municipality. However, the care of this invaluable resource is a challenge. Sofia Plays is a strategy for building, maintaining and adapting them, initiated by the Green System, Ecology and Land Use Directorate and commissioned by the Chief Architect of the Sofia Municipality.

The document proposes the implementation of a system of measures that will create the preconditions for healthy and socially engaged development of children, for the formation of sustainable local communities and for the implementation of flexible financial models for the construction and maintenance of playgrounds. (see the playground map)

Developed by a multidisciplinary team, the strategy reflects consultations with a variety of stakeholders, including district administrations, non-governmental organizations and educational institutions, certifying organizations and external experts.