Soil studies

Sofproect works on feasibility study for applying remote sensing methods for identification, mapping and study of soil degradation and pollution in Sofia Municipality - in collaboration with experts from University of Architecture, Civil Eng. and Geodesy and the University of Mining and Geology.

Its purpose is to determine the optimal way to gather adequate information on soil pollution and the extent of polluted areas for urban planning purposes, through up-to-date approaches, and to identify future remedial measures and monitoring.

The scope of the study includes: identification and collection of information on expected soil contamination; determining the geographical scope of studies; identifying the most appropriate methods for testing and verification using remote sensing methods, including the determination of technical specifications (wavelengths, accuracies and suppliers) of satellite images; defining different approaches to remote methods according to scale and cost.

The expected results of the survey are: geographical scope; parameters of pollution and soil disturbances; developing a methodology for rapid and economically cost-effective remote sensing research and optimal scope for verification through conventional sampling and laboratory analysis where appropriate; timeline of actions; approximate value.