Territorially differentiated demographic estimates

The 2018 demographic forecast for 583 territorial urban units of the municipality details the demographic forecast by administrative regions of the municipality from 2017. Data from the National Statistics Institute and the General Directorate for Citizen Registration and Administrative Services was also used for the size of the population, for the age status, and for its dynamics - the number of births, deaths, persons registered and deregistered in the settlements, i.e. about the natural and mechanical growth of the population. Urban units that are irrelevant to permanent housing are not part of the demographic estimates. The development includes quantitative parameters for the actual population in 2017 and forecasts for every 10 years until 2050 by indicator “total number”, as well as qualitative characteristics (by indicator age structure and specific age groups: 0-2 years; 3-6 years; 7-14 years; 15-18 years and over 65 years). The forecasts are in three variants, and the main one is the average realistic one. The geographical information system of Sofproect shows a demographic profile with forecasts for each urban unit. (see the map in full size)