Transport model

Ensuring efficient and fast daily commuting to, from and within the city limits is a major challenge in Sofia. For this purpose, from the urban planning perspective, the habits and preferences of the inhabitants of the city must be predicted with great precision. Based on this forecast, the most appropriate transport services and the most efficient methods of infrastructure and public transport management could be offered. Major cities around the world develop their own digital transport models providing accurate representation of transport systems and land use patterns. They are a powerful tool for assessing the impact of future elements of transport infrastructure or for defining how transport systems operate with regards to future perspectives, which is crucial for effective and sustainable urban planning.

Although lagging behind in this practice, Sofia is already recognizing the benefits of such methods of informed planning and decision-making. At the moment, together with the Department of Transport and the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning at Sofia Municipality, we are developing а framework for a transport model of the municipality, with projected start of data collection this year.