Map of ceramic and granite pavements

"The pavements are an integral part of the group monuments, have a historic significance for the city and the qualities to survive in time. Scientific interest is the history of the extraction, importation and laying of counties, and the historical context and personalities associated with these processes. Paving technology is a sign of the use of specific technical skills and has scientific value. The symbolic importance of the Sofia paving supports the claim that the site is of great public importance.” (Motives for the proposal for the declaration of the object of  cultural heritage).

The map is intended to show the network of sites, part of the immovable cultural heritage "Ceramic and granite pavements laid before 1944 on the territory of Sofia", declared with decree №RD9D-4 of 09.12.2016 of the Minister culture; with preliminary classification - urban, architectural and cultural value and preliminary category - local importance. (see the map in full size)