Visual corridors and high-rises

Tall buildings are often the focus of discussion and debate, due to a number of factors related to visual corridors, infrastructure, city appearance, vehicle traffic generation, etc.

The present analysis examines the distribution of high-rise buildings in the urbanized territory of Sofia, their storeys and functional purpose. For the purposes of the analysis, high-rise buildings have been defined as structures with floors in the range of 15-32.

This analysis gives a clear picture of the existing high-rise buildings in the city of Sofia and a stable basis for subsequent analyzes in this area - trends and periods in the construction of high-rise buildings in the city, important visual corridors in the urban environment that need to be protected, the load on the existing ground and underground infrastructure and connection with the planned infrastructure, etc.

The results of all these analyzes would also provide clear arguments and parameters for which high-rise buildings could exist in Sofia, so that they would not impede the normal functioning of the city and be a catalyst for its development and well-being.