Water and gullies

A problem has been identified with the boundaries and ownership of water bodies in Sofia Municipality. For entire stretches of rivers, there are no designated properties on the cadastral map, if any, the property is not public and the permanent use is not for watercourses. There is a discrepancy and lack of overlap between the cadastral map, the masterplan and the Detailed Spatial Plan for one river and the adjacent territory (under the Water Act), and in all three documents the river is not conclusively defined with boundaries and function.

The problem analysis will provide a basis for the alignment of water bodies with the regulatory framework, spatial planning and policies of Sofia Municipality and will allow the implementation of a number of measures and projects:

  • implementation of green infrastructure providing various ecosystem services to the city - microclimate regulation, water and air treatment;
  • implementation of activities in the climate change adaptation plan;
  • disaster risk management;
  • conservation and enhancement of biodiversity